More for Less

By. Nargis


For some reason it seems like we have a serious issues with ‘lessness’ in this country. What I mean is that many people, including myself, are struggling to pay a simple phone, light, gas, or rent bill. Why is that? because people with education are working for ‘less’. Most are job’less’ and some end up home’less’.

    Down here in Atlanta, GA there is a staggering number of homeless individuals walking around. Some have disabilities, some are addicted to substances, and others just don’t know how they ended up on the streets with their kids. There is currently a community living under Hwy 20 at least 10 families out there, some have been helped by organizations that gave out tents and food but that is simply putting a band-aid on and open bleeding wound. People are losing their houses left and right with literally no where to go. And if they do manage to get a job there is not enough income generated in order to sustain a household. Minimum wage is a joke, and it leeches off of peoples desire to simply make it through the day without being hungry, and to pay a cell phone bill. The cost of living is going up and is it becoming a necessity to have the internet and a cell phone, those who do not are looked at as failures.

I don’t have a solution to this issue but I want our eyes opened to the current circumstances of our country and the class gap is widening instead of closing. I can only speak for what I am observing over here but I feel it should be an issue of national attention when children are starting to be involved. My cousin had a neighbor whose daughter came over to play and talked about her stomach hurting but that it feels better when she sleeps or eats food.After speaking to the mother she broke down crying saying that there simply isnt enough food to go around for everyone and that she is losing the house she’s just trying to sell off things in the house.

A man in my God Mothers affluent neighborhood in PG county was shot down by the SWAT team in front of his own house because he robbed a bank after realizing his house was going to get foreclosed on. And he wanted to keep up appearances to keep it from his family and decided to commit a felony rather than admit he needed to downgrade and start over. So he was killed and his family is worse off than before.

An Ex of mine is now locked up for a weapons possession in Baltimore, MD because every job he had fired him once it was time to downsize. And every other job he applied to looked at him and said no. He had not had a  stable roof over his head since he was 16 because his mother was on crack. He hopped around to different peoples couches.  So since he had 2 other mouths to feed other than his own he went back to trapping and got caught up.

How do people get in these situations? There is not one finite answer to that but the state that we are in is ridiculous, the land of opportunity is drying up. The expense of living is rising intentionally to create a greater divide so that there are more Nots, instead of Haves.

How do people get in this situation? There are many answer

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