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I have a serious question about this pic


Warning! there is an actual question in this post! I rant for a few minutes so bare with me, but I do want to know what you guys think.


Ok so many of you may know I have film called “I’m Single Because” which explores the “Civil war” or disconnect between black men and women. We also have a discussion board dedicated to the film and the topic. Well a few weeks ago I decided to check up on my ISBC fam and saw that one of the members posted the picture shown above. I also found out that this pic has been floating not only all over my Facebook and Twitter timeline but all over the net causing all sorts of drama!

The picture shows four different couples all of different races (Asian, Hispanic, White and Black) bench pressing. The men lifting and the women spotting the man serving as a metaphor for couples supporting each other and women basically having their mans back. Now many of you may notice that every couple is super supportive of each other except for one right? Yeah that’s right except for the black couple. This cartoon is exaggerated and  bring up a major issue in our community. I have always said there is a major disconnect between us (Black men and Women) this picture proves that. It seems to put all the blame on the women when we should know by now that it is not a one-sided thing. We should know by now that we ALL need to do better. There are Major issues between Black men and Women and I hate to say it but this shows you how a lot of MEN feel. This is why I began working on the movie and started that discussion forum. So we can discuss the issues between us and start to fix them. In order to do that we CAN NOT be afraid to discuss the issues no matter how tired we are of hearing about them. We can’t run away from our problems. I know many men that feel like this sometimes but the problem is that we DO NOT TALK TO EACHOTHER. All we do is complain to other folks  or try to make fun of the issue by creating cartoons like this. This why there is a disconnect, this why I use the term Civil War.


We have come to a point where the converstation has regressed  to a basic child like blame game. A conversation  that should be progressing at this point. Blame games and pictures like this  do nothing but cause Women ask questions like this “so for those of us that DO support our men…. we get what again?” or cause men to say things like this “Smh. This is so true.” By the way those are actual Facebook comments on this picture. It is pointless. How many times are we argue over this? At what point are we going to ask the opposite sex why they are so angry with us? Do we even care? Or am I wrong.  Let me know what you guys think.